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George Bush Admits to Fake News: Video News Release

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This is why the republican party needs a face lift. George Bush Admits to Fake News: Video News Release
Who took his "Pet Goat" book? Who took his lego blocks away? This man needs to go before a tribunal and we could get to many, many truths about corruption and criminality in government. Where are the indictments? Immunity laws should not protect these individuals.


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Are you really crying about this? LMAO!

Just like this forum, idiots like you forget. I wonder when prople will begin to get indicted for Criminal Stupidity or just out right Criminal Lying? Don't you, regardless of what side the persons on think at some point "officials" need to be indicted? No that's not you. You play with politics like your favorite football team. Who cares the actual affect on this country right?


Say what? Obama claims 'Iraq invasion not as bad as Crimea'

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