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The Dems and Irony

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"The Democrats are angry at Nate Silver.

This is rather amusing, since the Dems were big Silver boosters in 2012, when he predicted for the New York Times that Barack Obama had a 90 percent chance of being reelected.

His brilliance has apparently faded since then, at least in Democratic eyes, now that he is forecasting a Republican takeover of the Senate this fall."

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Yeah Nate is predicting eight months out. and said thing can change. we will really see some political games when the senate becomes republican.


he also said there was a 30% chance of republicans taking the senate.

Remember republicans have eight months to screw it up.

Actually Nate gave repubs a 60% change.


Dems also have eight months to make their chances even worse. :)



Dem drops Ocare from site...



"Rep. Julia Brownley (D-CA), a first-term representative whose district includes parts of Ventura County, Simi Valley and the San Fernando Valley, has apparently removed her support for Obamacare from her campaign website."


"Obama's Internet Surrender Threatens Freedom, Says... Bill Clinton"

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