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If only this was a Israeli tank...

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it was determined it was pink and it was changed by Obama to mean the World and not just America, it's so great he can say something and clarify it to mean something different when not going his way....just what disgraced Tele-Evangelists do...

How profound !

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the cons want war . who makes the money from war?

the rich .

we are looking at a republican senate . and probably another war is we lose the senate too .

McCain has been screaming for war over Syria and iran now with Russia .

and the conbaggers are still looking to screw over vets .

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Bullshit. Cons are the only ones willing to fight. Liberals are all pussy cowards that stay at home with the women and cower from any confrontations.

The LT wants to have a touchie feelie session, send a squad of hippies up to the command post and make sure at least one is a overweight female and at least one homosexual. Over.



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