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Obama Moves to Kill Tomahawk, Hellfire Missiles

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The US Navy uses about 100 Tomahawk cruise missiles per year to deal with global threats or to send a message. The Hellfire missile has become a mainstay of anti-terrorism operations since the CIA and military adapted the Predator drone aircraft to launch them. But under President Obama’s military budget, both programs will be eliminated over the next year or two. By 2018, the United States will have used all of its remaining stocks of Tomahawk missiles. And the military has no replacement for either weapon system ready to go yet.

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Money isn’t the issue. Obama’s budget takes the money saved from axing these programs and puts it toward an experimental missile that won’t be fielded for about a decade.

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Yet another move in which Barack Obama is clearly weakening the United States just as Russia gains strength.

So how many of LF's liberals want to defend this action?

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we just don't have enough info.


Sure we do. Obama wants to cancel the production of highly successful missiles before there are new missiles to take their place. It's as simple as that. I'm not decrying the need for more modern missiles, but the replacement for the navy's Tomahawk, for example, the Long Range Anti-Ship Missile, will not be ready for large scale production for at least 8-10 years. They are still in testing. The contracts, and contracts like this often slip, show only low-rate LRASM production beginning FY17. They are slated to produce just 30 in FY17 and 40 in FY18, just about the time Tomahawk inventories will be ZERO. The navy uses 100 Tomahawks a year in just training. We used over 200 in Libya. Over 700 in Iraq. So clearly the number of new missiles that will be produced will be inadequate to replace those numbers, and thus a leave a huge hole in our defense capabilities for many years. Making us even more of a paper tiger than Obama has already made us.

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