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Atheists - Christianity - Islam

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I guess that the atheists only appose Christianity and think islam is okay......
The Big eared liar shows his true allegiance....
Subject: Ridiculous
Where are the usual liberal cries of “separation of church and state”? Why aren’t the atheists complaining? They certainly do every time there is anything Christian on any public property. They are hypocrites and their arguments don’t mean squat.
Olivia just told me this morning that the next topic that they will be covering in Social Studies is islam. (And I purposely didn’t capitalize that.)
Obama Administration Announces Nationwide Muslim Outreach Program For Children Grades K-12
And Obama says he is a Christian!
American children gathered around a Muslim learning about the Qur’an for school credit.
Washington, DC — At a press conference Friday afternoon, President Obama announced plans for the first ever federally funded Muslim outreach program.

The program will be available nationwide for all elementary school students grade K-12 beginning February 1st, 2014. The program is designed to educate children about the fundamentals of the Muslim religion and Islamic belief.

President Obama spoke with reporters to explain why it is so important that these outreach programs exist.
“The Muslim community deserves our full understanding and respect,” Obama said.
“We have killed millions of Muslims overseas since the September 11th attacks. These folks are not all bad. In fact, most of them are hardworking citizens just like you and me. I encourage every student in America to participate in your school’s Muslim outreach program.

Learn about the Muslim community, the beauty of the Sunnah and the magic of the Qur’an.”
35-year-old Paul Horner, a teacher at Starks Elementary School in Louisiana, told
MSNBC he is excited about the new programs. “I think anything a child can learn is good.

We need more learning in this country. And, these classes are not mandatory but children can use them as extra credit towards other classes.
For example, if Becky has a D+ in math she can simply take a three week after school class on the Qur’an and now Sally has an A in Math. How great is that?”
The Muslim youth outreach program is designed to help young people from different cultures work together to break down ethnic barriers. Their goal is to help promote a greater respect for other cultures, understanding while at the same time learning about all that culture has to offer.
Khaled Matei, who is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood‘s Freedom and Justice Party, told CNN he is pleased with Obama and his actions.

“I spoke with President Obama by telephone yesterday and personally thanked him for what he is doing for the Muslim community,” Matei said. “This is definitely a step in the right direction I explained to him. Praise Allah.”

If any parents of students would like to volunteer to teach the Muslim religion you can call the United States Muslim Outreach hotline at (785) 273-0325.
Do we do this for other cultures and religions? NO
Do we federally fund religious for other religions? NO


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