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Crimes committed by teenagers in Philadelphia.


Injury to the Elderly

Assault on a School Teacher

Assault on a child

Assault and Battery


Child Abuse


Disorderly Conduct


Driving without a License

Driving without Insurance

Reckless Driving

Driving Under the Influence


Underage Drinking

Possession of a Controlled Substance with intent to distribute.






Vandalism, and Theft.



NOT a single solitary one of these illegal activities have resulted in criminal charges against those Juvenile Delinquents that lived around me in the 1990s, in Philadelphia.


Their parents who I also found aiding and abetting, and giving their kids the influence to do these illegalities, have also never been charged for Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor.




Why is this ?

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Why is this ?

You do not want to hear the real answer. Humanity is a staged event. Brains are trained to mind traditional adopted philosophy.

"Citizen's Rights" is the center of all societal implosions of genetic continuation socializing a civic behavior within a chain of command created by malcontents that loath self containment..

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There is no right anywhere in the entire world, to do anything on that list, at all.


Those that do such things take liberties away from those that don't behave that way. You have been played and directed your whole lifetime and you never dared venture into humanity deep enough to find out why it doesn't accurately define genetic continuation within a natural balancing moment.


Can you come to grips that this moment is ETERNITY eternally now? It is a physical absolute denied by every social order saving humanity's rule of laws granting citizens rights to act according to popular opinion manifested in academics, politics, economics, andn spirituality conducted by artists and directed by self anointed experts at selling self deception to those that cannot recognize real from reality..


You are a middle class enforcer of saving symbolism over substance. You play two ends against the middle and collect the spoils left by both sides are done self destructing following your ordered chaos channelling out through this message board..

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Im also glad that those white teenage street gangs lost their turf, even though they were replaced by killers.

Irony: People who view everything through a prism of race are perpetually accusing people who don’t of being racist.


John Hawkins

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