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Where is the morning nut job post?

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I hope these rightwingers have their guns oiled up, due to their treason and the treason of McCain and Graham and others we are likely to see a war now...


I cant decide whether to imprison all rightwingers who sided with KBG over USA or put them on the front lines, front lines maybe


You stupid kochsuckers took your hate for Black people too far this time and started a war

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If anyone misses some kind of nutjobbery, I suggest a search, for Glenn Beck's website, with comments, by the several right-wing-nutjobs, left alive.




Watch out, for the cookies . . .


Don't go over there, if you don't want to read tardiness, by complete retards . . .


Oh, hey, right-wing-nutjob tards write lotsa stuff, over here, anyway, but THERE, they write a zombie apocalypse-load, of tardy crap.

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