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is Racism logical

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I never really considered myself racist, I grew up in a mainly white state ( utah ) but had no problem with anyone, to be honest I thought any notion that any race is smarter than another was dumb since everyone seemed the same in my area regardless of skin color. Recently however I've started working at a call center and we take calls for a phone carrier that covers the nation and I'm having a hard time not becoming racist towards black people since the majority of my dumbest callers seem to be black. I'm not saying all black people are dumb, there are lots of smart blacks that call in and lots of dumb whites that call in. but such a huge amount of my dumb callers are black its getting hard to feel like there's aboslutely nothing too it.


It's possible I'm elitest , I like smart people and dislike dumb people. I don't dislike anyone for being black, but dislike dumb people and most the dumb people I talk to are black. so maybe I'm not racist at all. just something I wanted to get off my chest.

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