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Stop Pig Cruelty ( WTF )

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I have no doubt these creatures suffer. Anyone else know of any other unnecessary suffering that's taking place ( during gestation ) day in & day out across America?

spacer1.gif spacer1.gif spacer1.gif James - There's a new petition taking off on Change.org, and we think you might be interested in signing it: spacer1.gif spacer1.gif rfGVlJvAYcSbxyb-556x313-cropped.jpg spacer1.gif Domino's Pizza: Stop Making Pigs Suffer spacer1.gif spacer1.gif spacer1.gif spacer1.gif
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McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's have all agreed to phase cruel gestation crates (tiny crates for pregnant pigs) out of their supply chains. Why can't Domino's do the same to take a stance against intensive confinement?

I have been a Domino's customer for a long time, and let me tell you honestly that I'm not a vegetarian and am not animal rights activist, either. But when you see how these pigs are abused, it's so obvious to everyone with a kind heart that these animals should be given basic things in life - like the ability to turn around and not live in filthy cages. They are living, breathing animals after all, right?

Pregnant pigs are kept in gestation crates for about four months of pregnancy, their piglets are taken away after just a few weeks and then the pigs are impregnated again and forced into gestation crates for another cruel cycle. This madness goes on for years until the poor pigs are so worn down that her best use for the industry is slaughter. This cruel confinement results in mental and psychological problems for millions of smart, curious pigs every year. Companies like Domino's should not tolerate this and consumers should not buy the product of such suffering.

Whether you're a vegan, vegetarian, the biggest carnivore on the planet or somewhere in between, please join me in asking Domino's to do the right thing and stop using these cruel gestation crates.

McDonald's even said it "believes gestation stalls are not a sustainable production system for the future," and that there "are alternatives (it thinks) are better for the welfare of sows.”

If all these huge companies can commit to getting rid of gestation crates, why is Domino's unwilling to listen to the rest of the industry and consumer demand? Will ham, sausage, and pepperoni taste any different without this extreme cruelty? I doubt it!

Please help pigs and sign my petition to Domino's today.

Call Domino's at 734-930-3030 to politely tell them why you care about this issue.


Please help pigs !!!!!!!

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