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Supporting Mexico :P

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Me and my father just now got into a little bit of an argument.. nothing much, but a little bit of an argument.


I bought a 12 ounce class bottle of Specially imported Mexican Pepsi for a dollar at the White Oak Station.


It is made from natural cane sugar, and no chemicals.


A much better product than the crap we get here in the USA...


My dad starts telling me that a dollar for 12 ounces is something like 5 times the price of a two liter for 2.




He says that he's not in the business of supporting Mexico.



I just had to tell him.




The 2 liter bottle of S)hitsi for $2, and this are not the same product at all, This product from Mexico is pepsi, the American 2 liter is Corn Syrup Sh!t-Si, ok.


and this isn't 1935 when things cost 35 cents... and this is also a special import, made from cane sugar... made in a country with a much smaller economy than the USA.. you're lucky it don't cost $5 for 12 ounces...


And Im not in the business of drinking HFCS when I don't have to.


Im also not in the business of keeping the USA in a state of No-Competition, and cant sell anything, anywhere... because of products that are made illegally.


That 2 liter bottle of American pepsi is illegal almost anywhere else in the world, because of the chemicals... The Mexican Pepsi isn't.


He got awful mad


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