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Fayetteville Vs Philadelphia.. statistics.

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If Philadelphia had 1 point 3 murders, per 100,000 residents, per year... Philadelphia would have 19.83 murders per year.



It has nearly 300 murders per year.






Fayetteville Arkansas has 1 point 3 murders per 100,000 residents per year.


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Figures lie and liars figure nobody wants to know real for reality's sake or statistical averaging would be done away with forever.


National average of marriages ending in divorce was up to 50%, but within that 50% how many were of multiple divorces?


Same thing applies to the 1992 election of Bill Clinton as president.


50% of registered voters didn't vote. There were 3 leading candidates where the winner only received 48% of those that voted. That is 24%. where the hell does 24% make a majority?


Only to those directing self deception and the fellowships following orders without questioning from academic, political, economic, and spiritual corners of societal evolution ruling the measurements of genetic continuation incompletely..

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