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To hell with Europe !

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What the HELL do we need Europe for ?

There are 5 countries that have surpassed European technology.

(the list below is based on margin, from the widest, down to the narrowest)

3.South Korea

Japan makes Just as good, if not better cars than Europe, and Japanese brand automobiles are far more useful than European, and just as affordable as American brand.
Much Lesser cost than European.
Japan also has a much stronger manufacturing base than a European country.

At the very least.. 80 % of what you own came from a mixture of the USA, Japan and South Korea.. (this is assuming that you're a smart shopper and avoid china)

We have Every bit as much in common with Japan, as we have with Europe, infact even more so, with our sports.
We also have more in common with Australia, than we have with Europe.

Both the USA and Australia are ex British colonies, both have no history of having a colonial based economy.. We both relied on trade throughout our respective histories.

If its true that European women don't shave their legs or their arms, and have hair all over them, and Europeans in general have poor hygiene,
why should we care about them anyway being that they are nasty and unattractive ?

So what the hell do we need Europe for ?



If it was upto Europe, we wouldnt have a Market, A supreme court, a Government, a Military, or Anything else.


We would all be cotton, corn and wheat growers, so that they can come and take it from us, make things out of it... and sell it back to US at rip off prices.



so f)uck europe !




These are things I don't give a f)uck about.





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