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PM for dontlooknow on stalking Philly Union style

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Thank you for not shunning me in my shunned thread about DEM politicians endorsing stalking kids BUT I can't believe you would endorse stalking someones kids and I just wanted to make sure I didn't misunderstand you.


Thank you and God bless !


I hope they fight to keep their rights to organize.

The below article was posted in FEB 2014 BUT this stuff has been going on in Philly since Al Gore was a corporal :


Union exemption from harassment claims raises questions




Post Bros. executive Sarina Rose had grown used to troubles at work literally following her home. During the day, she dodged taunts from union protesters outside the 12th and Wood Streets work site in Philadelphia, where her company was building apartments last year.


After hours, tradesmen snapped photos of her children, 8 and 11, at their bus stop in Abington. They trailed her at weekend sporting events. One union leader loudly cursed at her in front of a packed restaurant and mimicked shooting her.


And under Pennsylvania law, none of it was a crime.


...For months before her run-in with Sweeney, Rose's company had endured siege-like conditions from building-trades unions at its Goldtex Apartments site, now nearly complete. As tradesmen protested the decision to hire a mix of union and nonunion labor to complete the job, workers were beaten, car tires slashed, and delivery trucks blocked on an almost daily basis, Rose said.



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Wisconsin Democratic candidate for Governor Mary Burke is now admitting that her first campaign ad ‘Record’ was indeed a lie. The ad claims Wisconsin unemployment went from 4.8 percent to 6.2 percent under Governor Scott Walker (R., WI). According to PolitiFact when Gov. Walker took office Wisconsin unemployment was at 7.7 percent and has since fallen to 6.2 percent. The article concluded that, “For a claim that is false and ridiculous, we give Burke a Pants on Fire.”
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