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Øbama Is A Liar...

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If the Republicans will stop telling lies about the Democrats, we will stop telling the truth about them.


Adlai E. Stevenson

How can you tell Poptart is one of the biggest partisan biased ass-holes in the history of the world ?


How many threads or childish pics did he start on these liars?



"President Obama wasn't born in the United States" "President Obama is a Kenyan" "President Obama is Indonesian" "President Obamais soft on terrorism" "President Obama is a terrorist" "President Obama won't protect the country" "President Obama is a Muslim sympathizer" "President Obama is a Muslim" "President Obama is an Atheist" "President Obama is an Israeli" "President Obama is a socialist" "President Obam is a Marxist" "President Obama is a communist" "President Obama is a fascist" "President Obama is a pussy" "President Obama is gay" "President Obama is a bully" "President Obama is a dictator" "President Obama will take your guns" "There is no "War on Women" "Women in the same jobs as men make the same money" "Women aren't victims of violence" "A zygote is a person" "Slut" "Prostitute" "There is no sexism in the United States" "There is no ageism in the United States" "There is no racism in the United States" "All of our problems are caused by undocumented workers" "All of our problems are caused by public workers" "All of our problems are caused by unions" "All of our problems are caused by Fannie / Freddy" "All of our problems are caused by Barney Frank" "The media is liberal" "Voter fraud is rampant" "We Republicans are fiscal conservatives" "We in the Republican Party stand for reducing the size of the federal government" "Our heritage is Christian" "Evolution never happened" "War on religion" "War on Christmas" "FEMA Camps" "Smoking gun-mushroom cloud" "There are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq" "We are fighting terrorists in Iraq" "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" "We must stop radical judges legislating from the bench" "Social Security is going broke" "Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme" "Health-care reform will kill jobs" "Health-care reform will bankrupt the country" "Health-care reform will cut Medicare payments" "Death Panels" "Class warfare" "Distribution of wealth" "There is no income inequality in the United States" "Income inequality doesnt matter because in America ambition and hard work can make a pauper a millionaire" "Anyone who believes in income inequality is just jealous of success" "Cutting taxes has always led to an economic boom" "Tax Cuts Pay for Themselves" "The Bush Tax Cuts Didn't Add to the Deficit" "The Estate Tax Devastates Small Businesses and Family Farms" "Taxing the rich will slow economic growth" "Taxing the rich would not raise much money" "Cutting taxes on the rich creates jobs" "The Rich Pay Too Much in Taxes Already" "The price of oil is based solely on supply and demand" "The XL Pipeline will create hundreds of thousands of jobs" "Cuts in wages and benefits create jobs" "Regulations kill jobs" "The Government can't create jobs" "There are too many Government jobs" "Public education is turning our children into liberals" "Public education is turning our children into homosexuals" "Public education is turning our children into Atheists" "Entry level janitors make twice as much as entry level teachers (Gingrich)" "The word "Palestinian" is an invented word first used in 1977 (Gingrich)" "Our law enforcement agencies have found bodies in the desert either buried or just lying out there that have been beheaded, (Brewer)" "Sputnik bankrupted the Soviet Union (Palin)" "The Founding Fathers really tried to end slavery (Bachmann)" "Teddy Roosevelt was a socialist (Beck)" "'Homosexuals are perverts' (Troy King R-Alabama - outed)" "'Homosexuals are perverts' (Richard Curtis R-Washington - outed)" "'Homosexuals are perverts' (Glenn Murphy, Jr. R-Indiana - outed)" "'Homosexuals are perverts' (David Dreier R-California - outed)" "'Homosexuals are perverts' (Bruce Barklay R-Pennsylvania - outed)" "'Homosexuals are perverts' (Roy Ashburn R-California - outed)" "'Homosexuals are perverts' (Jim West, R-Washington - outed)" "'Homosexuals are perverts' (Larry Craig R-Idaho - outed)" "'Homosexuals are perverts' (Ed Schrock R-Virginia - outed)" "'Homosexuals are perverts' (Robert Allen R-Florida - outed)" "'Homosexuals are perverts' (Mark Foley R-Florida (outed)" "'Homosexuals are perverts' (Phillip Hinckle R-Indiana - outed)"..

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