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what are you reading?

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The Demon-Haunted World - - - Science As A Candle In The Dark, by Carl Sagan

Gotta be honest - lately, more into audio. Had to finally get glasses. Doing poorly at the range. 6 & 7 hundred yard iron sight shots that were once like a reflex, began to diminish. Basic glasses for distance did the trick. Books - still reading, but like I said - more audio. Anyway - Sagan's book is really enlightening.

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I'm reading Hardware Implementation of Finite-Field Arithmetic by Jean-Pierre Deschamps. It's about circuit synthesis design. It covers Module m reduction, Module m addition, subtraction, multiplication, and exponentiation. Operations over GF(p) and GF(p^m). Operations over the commutative ring Zp[x]/f(x).

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I'm reading Economic Hitman by John Perkins.. I'm skeptical he might just be making everything up, but it seems like a realistic story, especially given how messed up our foreign policy was towards South America in the 80's!


He describes his job as a person who convinces heads of state to take loans from the WTO and IMF that are impossible to pay back so that the Globalists can have leverage over the dictators who run the country, leading to a mutually beneficial relationship

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I am going on my third start of Einstein's Relativity


Every time I start I have to go back and study math...





The earth's crust plays such a dominant role in our

daily life in judging the relative positions of bodies that it has

led to an abstract conception of space which certainly cannot be


higher math is a perversion. Letters and number should not share a statement.

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