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Northeast Hypocrisy

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These are complaints about the South, from the Northeast.




Obesity and Bad Health

Poor Health Literacy

High Crime


Bad Diet

Short life expectancy

High Infant Mortality rate

Laziness on the part of "poor dumb whites"

73,000 homes without a car in Arkansas




These are facts about the Northeast


The Northeast now has more places with like 20 % Unemployment rates

The Northeast, who complains about Southern Poverty... also professes to hate materialism now.

The Northeast, as I said before... Fried food galore.


Meth is most common in rural areas, but the Northeast has a higher rate of Heroin and Cocaine Addicts than the South has Meth Addicts, btw Heroin and Cocaine is every bit as lethal as Meth, and it does as much damage.


Laziness ? on the part of poor dumb whites ? Northeast Cities = almost 50 % high school dropout rates, and extremely high dependency on Public services :)


Also, The Atlantic City High School, in New Jersey has Graduates from there who cannot read.


The Northeast also has the highest number of people Employed by the Government, whose paychecks come from Tax Dollars.

(employment by the government stems from lack of social skills and education needed to compete in the marketplace)


The Northeast is also a huge danger zone in terms of HIV.


Every single one of the Cities with more murders per year than entire European Countries are North of the Mason Dixie Line.



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