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Dems are on the Rocks Due to Obamacare!

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Last night Dems added to CO2 pollution and global warming. Senate stayed up all night talking about climate change. Polling has said time and time again the economy and jobs are the #1 issue. Climate change is way down on the list of important issues. This is part of a strategy to deflect from oblameocare. Dems talk about Income inequality, minimum wage, climate change, war on women. Anything to divert the public from Economy, jobs, oblameocare, energy policy, foreign policy, and the many scandals of a failed presidency.

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Wishful thinking Fellas. Guess you still haven't figured out the Dems already have 2016 locked with the general vote for Hillary being merely a rubber stamp to give her presidency legitimacy. It's already rigged as big money really controls everything and we have the best government mega bucks can buy. As usual they're getting the gold out of the mine and we're getting the shaft.

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