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Some would like to say Christianity is anti technology, but that is just another lie by PLASDs that hate God, Christians and the Bible.

The Bible is not about technology but rather how technology is used.

Republicans created a surveillance process to prevent another 9/11 attack on America, Democrats are using the surveillance process to spy on American.

There is a mountain of data on climate, but Democrats perverted the data to create "Global Warming". Now Democrats are trying to get the "Save the World" people to accept "Climate Change".

The worst problem with the "Save the World" people is that they say they want to save the world, but then they advocate homosexuality, adultery and drugs that leads to disease, death, destruction and poverty for the people of the world.

There have been some mistakes by the Catholic Church about technology, but there was any Biblical bases for the positions of the Catholic Church.

Christians should be slow to judgement, but Christians need to judge good and evil based on the Bible.

Man is a curious creature so technology will continue, but then it is the duty of Christians to separate the good and evil of all technology, based on the Bible.

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