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Obamacare Creates Income Inequality Says Obama Supporters

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Liberals don't want Obamacare or high taxes...yet they want to shove it down our throats! Hollywood Liberal Harvey Weinstein Pleads For Tax Breaks


"Harvey Weinstein, appearing at the UCLA Entertainment Symposium in interview with Ken Ziffren, Los Angeles’ newly appointed film czar, called for California to expand its production tax incentives."


“There’s no reason for us not to shoot here, except when you do the numbers here and when you do the numbers in New Orleans, it is much more attractive financially,” Weinstein said in the Q&A on Saturday."


"He cited the example of “Southpaw,” directed by Antoine Fuqua and starring Jake Gyllenhaal, as project that could have shot in Los Angeles were it not for the generous tax incentives in the Big Easy."

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Union says. hahahahaaaa. Unions wanted the ACA and fought for it. Remember Trumpka and his white house meetings. He had more meetings with oblameo than Lois Lerner. All of the consequences of this monstrosity bill were predicted and explained in minute detail by the GOP and health experts. Not one GOP member voted for it. GOP should do nothing to help the foundering dems. They didn't read it and passed it anyway. They did it, they own it. YOU ARE BETTER OFF WITH A PART TIME JOB. YOU CAN PAINT AND WRITE POEMS. YOU CAN HAVE MORE FAMILY TIME. This is what the dems think of you. You are going to be thrown into the insurance pool. Oblameo will try to put it off even further but in the end companies are going to jettison you into the pool. The gov. will not give anyone any statistics on what is happening at the moment. Who had insurance and has now signed up to oblameocare. Some estimate that there are more without insurance now than there were before. A lot of you don't care anyway and want single payer. After you bail out the insurance Co.s that is.

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