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Gimmick Winnings

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Lets say for instance, you got a piece of junk mail in your mailbox, and that piece of mail was an advertisement for a car, and tells you that you win a car and $100,000 cash if both the picture on the advertisement, and the picture that is underneath the film both match, after you scratch off...


and both pictures match.


Under my law, if I was in office... you win a car and $100,000 cash payable to you, from the car dealer who sent you the advertisement.



Why ?


Because the fine print is invisible to the consumer, and as I said in the "Consumer's Bill of Rights".. Consumers cannot be held to terms and conditions that are invisible to the Consumer.




After paying about 10 cars and Million dollars to the public, they'll either quit trying to scam people... or enlarge the print to a visible size, what the terms and conditions are.


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I hardly doubt that my post woke you up lol


And its invisible because the fine print is about 2 pixels tall and 1 pixel thick.




well.. that's America for ya, carry a magnifying glass with you


ya hear about that story where a county doing a DWI roundup sent people a notice that they won a prize, and to come pick it up? pretty dang funny.. now that'd be disappointing

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I always read the fine print on those things, because I am not a moron who needs the state to hold my hand to take a piss. I am waiting for the day one comes without the fine print and everything matches. I will walk right in dealership and watch them squirm. It'll be a fun afternoon.

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