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Lunatic Outpost = As retarded as ever

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I am the boss, and I what I say goes, and that's it.


I am not going to examine every raccoon my sister asks if she can pet.... I said she's not allowed around raccoons, period.


I am not going to stop every car to ask them if they would stop if they see her playing in the street, I said she's not allowed in the street, and that's it.


Im not going to ask what ever is out there in the middle of the night if they wont hurt her, corrupt her, kidnap her, whatever...

I said she must be inside the house at 6:00 pm and in bed by 8 pm, because I said so.

oh and btw, if you don't like it, you can go fuck yourself.




That's what I ended up having to tell these a)s)sholes at LunaticOutpost....


because now they want me to examine every raccoon out there.


Guess what ?


Not happening.


You know what ?


Im f)uckin' tired of these retards that oppose every rule parents have ever made for their kids.


guess what ?


I don't give a f)uck, my kid isn't going to become a statistic.


If their kids are allowed to pick up wildlife, and roll around in 3 feet deep mud, and play with chainsaws, and stand infront of cars, that's their business.. they don't care about their kids.


My sister and my own kids, are being raised by somebody that cares about them.

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