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Senator McShame to run again! 77 years old!

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McCain ~ 'Least popular & Worst Senator in America'

Poll: John McCain’s low job approval


Sen. John McCain is the least popular senator in the country of those surveyed by Public Policy Polling, with low marks from members of his own party, independents and Democrats.

Just 30 percent of Arizona voters approve of the job the Republican senator is doing, while 54 percent disapprove, according to a PPP release Thursday.

That is the worst of any senator’s polling in the nation that PPP has found.

Among members of his own party, McCain is at 35 percent approval to 55 percent disapproval; the comparable figures among Democrats are 29 percent to 53 percent, and among independents, 25 percent to 55 percent.

McCain also trails most potential challengers if he chooses to run again in 2016. Former Rep. Gabby Giffords led McCain 42 percent to 35 percent in a hypothetical matchup, and former Surgeon General Richard Carmona led McCain 41 percent to 35 percent.

McCain has said he’s considering running again in 2016, though he hasn’t committed yet to a reelection campaign. McCain is 77 years old.

McCain has worst Poll numbers in the Country ~ http://www.publicpolicypolling.com/p...ase_AZ_305.pdf



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He's one of yours, a Rethug!


Just think, we can have a nuclear holocaust that the Neocons want so badly! Turn Tehran into a sea of glass!



do you think he will win the democrat primary ?

I cant believe how you libloons disrespect our vets...

was canada fun ?

do you know how to castrate a tea partier ?

kick sukenutz in the chin

How do you castrate a Tea Partier?


Make Swallows bite the big one!


This is no disrespect to him serving in Nam, its what he is today that is disturbing. I respect ALL Vets!


Nice try at defamation, your specialty!

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He's one of yours, a Rethug!

no hes not dumbazz...


stop lying


here is just one example that proves my claim


U.S. Sen. John McCain says "governor should veto Arizona’s anti-gay bill"


spoken like a true libloon, including the lying and backpedaling talking points

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On occasion, McShame shows some common sense. Which is why the wackos in the party shun him!


But he is the mouthpeice for the PNAC Neocon warmogers, and that is very disturbing!


I do respect the fact that he is a maverick, and does not goose step with the rest of the GOP Gestapo.


They do not allow dissenting opinions at all. And that is their downfall.


I see you are all for repressing gays. Are you a latent homo? I suspect so.

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