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Stupid Question

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Somebody got the idea to ask me what Europe is and what Europeans are.


I said this.



I'll take a leap of faith by answering your mentally retarded question... and say that its that place that you get to, one of four ways.


1. By walking north (or east) to Egypt, through the Sinai peninsula, into Israel... north through Lebanon into Syria, and north into turkey, and then walking west into Greece.

(the most important travel ever made by Homo Sapiens, this is the route taken for modern man to arrive on world scene)



2. By Walking west from Russia, into Ukraine


3. The direct route by sailing northbound off the northern coast of Africa


4. A flight, or a boat trip, Northeast from the eastern seaboard of the USA.



And Europeans are people who BOTH are native to there, AND live there.

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Back then there was no military or anything else for that matter lol

And only about 100,000 to 200,000 humans in existence combined between both species that would eventually meet up, and that figure is somewhat high.

And the Sinai Peninsula was probably a lot different then, than it is now.. because it was still the Pleistocene epoch.


Now today, that peninsula is both dangerously hot and dry.. its a desert, and throw in the fact that its in the middle east, and even by themselves without the modern state of Israel... they're nuts, and they're hungry for war and damage... and death.. also throw in the fact that Israel and all of its neighbors hate eachother, and they're constantly at war, and Israel is just as reliant on militarized checkpoints, as it is on its military, for its safety.


And the Turkish military that is actually a lot more powerful than any of them.


The dangers back then might have been animals and tough terrain.

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