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How do I get my photo or image posted here?

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I went to my profile and clicked on the word 'change' on the sihouette and that let to the PHOTO EDITOR with a place to 'Import a photo from a URL' but when I pasted from Photo Bucktet I got an error.



the error is 'You can only upload png, jpg, or gif images'. Yet as you can see it is a jpg image.

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I am finding it terribley difficult to change put in a photo for an avatar. I tired uploading a photo to the gallary here and ran into trouble. I think it complained about a catagory which it would not let me choose any so I could not make a album. I finally got a photo from a proper URL but then when I tried to add it I got the error 'The file selected is to large. MAX 0kb'. Well if the max is zero then nothing can be loaded. The size of the photo on my hard drive is only 4.21 kb.

and I thought I might get a photo or image from Facebook, but I could never get a proper URL for any image I have in my albums there.

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I now have Windows 8 - the nightmare of PCs. I wonder who the Nazi was who designed it? I do believe, I read somewhere, the plans for Windows 8 were actually found in Hitler's bunker. My old XP was absolutely effortless for me to handle. What was I thinking? Still have a good large screen HP desktop - probably XP; so a clean up & a reload should put me back in the saddle.

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