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why has Tommy aka dontlooknow started 6 threadz today already

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What there is a rule against more than five. i didn't know that.


when did this become a rule.


i posted more yesterday??

Oh i see.


your trying to get me kicked out.


because i make fun of you


Lol lmao.




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Its pretty funny. you guys can't beat me so you try to get me kicked off. lol lmao.


what cry babies. lol lmao




Poor babies.


Look at gallows the snitch... lol lmao.

Gallows just licking his wounds.

It isn't you I need to beat, it is crushing your hypothetical values that makes your character worthless. Boo.

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Im rich bitch.

Do you even know what you say??

Inherited or allowance most likely as you haven't shown any signs of being able to earn it yourself. Wait, you are a puppet for those channeling ideology and you don't have a clue what you are doing other than reciting programmed insulting responses to keep everyone else angry.


Ruling elites need educated idiots to take the heat.


so what political action committee are you interning for to get your masters in liberal arts of political science?

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You guys seriously think i give a chit.

I care about you as much asm you care about everyone else. This is a technological battlefield of ideas idiot. This is cyberspace where space and time do not matter relatively and that in itself negates Einstein's theories. from a century ago to be equal to Al Gore's Global warming cursade..



The power of understanding this moment is the eternity religion promises after death and science declares came from beyond this atmosphere. two forms of orchestrated denial.


Which side are you on tommy/don'tlooknow?

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Are your feels hurt.





sure glad you dont see what hits you from behind your eyes and betwen your ears. Stay proud, you think you have nothing to lose, that means you are broke already.


Hey smartass, how do you escape real for real when reality is just a dream come true, maybe?

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The problem with stupid people is they can't recognize intelligence, which usually results in an ass kicking.

Mandrew, you are one of the stupidest people I have dealt with on the internet...not saying that to be mean.


You really dont know that you are stupid and that is one of the reasons why you are so stupid

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