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EnviroTards = Humans blamed for everything.

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I am f)ucking sick and tired, of humans being blamed for everything, that ever goes wrong with some other species, or the environment, or any f)ucking thing else.



More animals become extinct everyday of the f)uckin' earth as a brand new species, before they ever reach enough numbers , to take off in population or be detected, for a lot of reasons.


a f)ucking BLUE BIRD, like the blue maccaw cannot camouflage itself in a dense f)ucking tropical forrest, making it a wide open target for other animals... it cannot adapt to a jungle environment, yet humans are being blamed for it.



Humans have never in the f)ucking history of mankind, ever need the rhinos, for a mother)ucking thing, they do not make good pets, a f)ucking TIGER is a better pet... ok...

and their body type, and their temperament, and their SKULL F)UCKINGLY STUPID, F)UCKIN BRAIN... makes less than ideal to serve humans, in a working capacity.

and also serves to make them ill equipped to adapt.

Yet humans, are blamed for their extinction.



hey enviroTards......... F)UCK OFF !!!!!!!! okay!!!!!!!


and yes, we have our impact, as does any other species, and no, we are not going stop THINKING, to satisfy, some DUMB f)ucking animal, whose main feature is its size and strength.

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