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The fix for Dependency in Adults

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If you don't want to create a dependent adult, this is what NOT to do.

1. Do not sit there and do house work by yourself on your own without help from your kid.

2. Do not pay your kids an allowance of more than twice what it takes to buy 1 pair of pants at sears, per week.

3. Do not keep your kids at home all day.

4. Do not tell your kid that this is a free country that he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants, and that nobody can tell him what to do.

5. Do not have your kid watching overly liberal political media that encourages or glorifies dependence.

6. Do not have your kid watching media that glorifies violence and anti social behavior.




This is what TO do.

1. Have the kid do atleast 50 percent of the housework.

2. Pay your kids an allowance that he has to save up for what he wants.

3. Have your kid involved in Camps, Sports and Social Activities

4. Tell your kid that we are a country of both laws, and private rules and personal responsibility and accountability.

5. Have your kid watch political media that is anywhere from center, to slightly right.

6. Have your kid watch educational programming, family oriented TV shows, Comedy, etc.

7. Soon as your kid is physically able to push a shopping cart, or lift 30 pounds... have him go around mowing simple, flat lawns, or selling iced tea.


That's how it works.


To get independence from your kid, you have to instill it.

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First, and this is not totally disagreeing with you either.


Teach children now is eternity and they are the only person that can rescue themselves from being or taking part in orchestrated self deception. Reality is educated self deception.


Real is adapt or become extinct self contained to this moment all the time from conception to death of each lifetime regardless species, including homo sapiens currently denying that by playing stages of societal evolution in the theater of mindgames through vernacular tribalism.


4 corner triagnulation playing two side against a middle central planned obsolescence and plausible deniability set of teaming institutional authorities. Academia, Politics, Spirituality, economics.


Which side are you on? Societal evolution or genetic continuation? One supplies the body count, the other eats them alive, metaphorically speaking.

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Societal evolution towards what ?

You really don't want to see it do you? The goal of societal evolution is keep lifetimes denying now is eternity and that result allows the few to regulate public opinion legislated into moral, ethical, and legal codes of managing social behavior academically only comparing hypothetical values against one another where only a few control the global population as they see fit.


Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and you enable it.

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