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Good News! China sides w/Russia...America to sanction China..Jobs

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Such good news for Middle class and poor America...finally the rallying cry and momentum we need to get our millions of jobs back and plants back right in the good ole USA!

No more argument of whether or not the WTO (via China) is good or not, because China has sided with terrible Putin (via his "congress" approval) we must by principle reject Chinese goods for sure or lest look like hypocrites....good days indeed...I can see the Walmarts and Targets and the many stores and companies going out of business because they rely on Chinese manufacturing...

I'm sure Obama and Congress across bi-partisan lines will concur of a massive trade sanction against China...in fact a emergency state of the union address will probably happen shortly. It's all about principles, respecting soviegnity, non-aggression, blah, blah, blah..

.btw China is still shooting people in Tibet and China for following a different religion and locking them up for political dissident crimes for decades, they work in Gulags way worse vs. [female organ] Riot criminals did, plus they will kill a inmate if a westerner is a organ match, the list goes on but China is much worse vs. Russia even if the Ukraine incident didn't happen....time for us to stand up to tyrants!

Welcome back Manufacturing America!~ the good ole days are back and crime and poverty will take a major hit...thank you..

http://thediplomat.com/2014/03/china-ba ... n-ukraine/ CHINA BACKS RUSSIA ON UKRAINE


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