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obama is not being specific on sanctions of russia over Ukraine

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obama is not being specific on sanctions of russia over their military

occupation of the Ukraine is the WHINING OF REPUBLICANS in this

country nipping at the president's heels like a bunch of yappy lap dogs.


of course, if the prez were specific, then, the repuke yappy lap dogs

like mcshame and graham cracker would be criticizing his every word.


And DO NOT FORGET, the US will not allow any other country to

have any military occupations. Only the bush - republican occupations

of iraq and afghanistan shall be allowed by the repukicons in order to

kill our stalking goat soldiers in order to sound patriotic and steal

trillions of dollars through our oil, halliburton, MI complex.


You have to be one fugging moron to believe any republican crap

and vote for any repuke.

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