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Why are Whites celebrating their own displacement?

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The White Liberal motto is: "Embrace diversity AT ALL COSTS, even if it means compromising one's own safety and standard of living, and even when non-Whites put their own racial interests first."


Why are so many Whites celebrating diversity as they slowly become minorities in nations founded and built by Whites?


White taxpayer money is being used to help fund diversity. In other words, Whites are paying to replace themselves by non-Whites.

Upshot? Whites are paying to become a minority! (read INSANITY)


And they are celebrating it!read EXTREME INSANITY


WHITES ARE CELEBRATING THEIR OWN ETHNIC DISPLACEMENT! LUNACY! No other race would celebrate itself becoming a minority.


Not every race is capable of building/maintaining a 1st world nation.


In fact, non-Whites flock to White majority nations, because Whites build the most desirable societies.


Do most Whites honestly believe their nation will still be 1st world when they become a minority?


Racially diverse societies mean lower trust, democracy and happiness levels. (Putnam, Bowling Alone)


Your race is your nation. Jews understand this. Asians understand this. White Liberals (neo-Communists) have been brainwashed to believe the opposite. But if they don't wake up soon, they will lose everything their ancestors worked and died for.


What's stopping minorities using their increasing wealth and power to promote their own interests at the expense of Whites? Minorities WILL NOT reciprocate the compassion and tolerance Whites have shown. (This cannot be emphasized enough)


Multiculturalism is one of the many faces of Communism. Communism leads to the genocide of different races/ethnicities.


Nationalism is the best defense against Genocide, White displacement etc.

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