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Question For The Conservative American

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I have always wondered something and I always ask this question each time I enter a new political site. See I'm a seeker of truth and am fully willing to share the same truths I discover. I belong to no party and take no sides........I will ask questions of liberals as well while I'm here. The truth and the ugliness it reveals hides from no party; no politician and is the only way to get the masses to understand the "sausage making" of this country.


I ask the conservative American why do you so strongly defend and champion the causes of the ultra-wealthy in this nation??? Do you honestly think these people actually care about anything you care about or share ANY of your common concerns and causes??? Billion dollar corporations are responsible for:


  • Dumping millions of tons of toxins into our water tables, natural ponds, rivers, soils and airways causing unprecedented cases of numerous medical conditions ranging from cancer to blood diseases in small and rual towns all over this country.


  • Creating the unhealthiest generation of people in the history of this nation by pushing their vile and carcinogenic "food" products through the use of tricky lobbying and catch phrases like "My Healthy Plate" and the "Food Pyramid".


  • Taking the productivity of the working force of this nation and over the past 40 years convert that into the biggest divide in wealth and income in the history of this nation.

These are just a few things just to get started and my point in asking these particular questions is to make a particular point. When conservative Americans argue against government regulation, "Climate Change", and corporate greed you are really arguing in favor and defense of these very things I have pointed out. When the conservative American say they are "Patriots" they are blindly saying so not knowing or fully understanding the very meaning of that word. Do you think its okay for children to digest TBHQ??? If you don't know what that is it's LIGHTER FLUID and one of the main preservatives in McDonalds Chicken McNuggets!!!! Yet when you argue against the FDA and agencies designed to protect the public from this you are aruing for this blatant poisoning.


I'm no fan of the government myself so don't start painting that picture. I'm simply asking why fight against your own interests just because you don't agree with the ideology of the other political party, or because of racial bias, or gender bias, or any other non-logical and idiotic reason.


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