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YouTube Caves To Whiny Muslims, Quietly Removes ‘Allah’ Symbol From Ka


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But the christian religion is OK to smear (Christ-piss, elephant dung at a picture of the Virgin Mary, etc)

YouTube Caves To Whiny Muslims, Quietly Removes ‘Allah’ Symbol From Katy Perry Video
YouTube Caves To Whiny Muslims, Quietly Removes ‘Allah’ Symbol From Katy Perry Video

Feb 27, 2014 0 Comments Infidel Alie



Related: Muslims Worldwide Sign Petition To Ban ‘Blasphemous’ Katy Perry Video From YouTube

Excerpted from JPost: YouTube has quietly edited a Katy Perry music video, after a petition launched on Change.org, urging the online video streaming company to remove the video.

The petition, claiming that Perry literally burns a symbol representing the Muslim God, Allah, reached 50,000 signatures as of Wednesday. YouTube and Perry’s representatives did not respond to the controversy.

Shazad Iqbal, 22, creator of the petition, posted on Wednesday that the effort had ended in victory, however YouTube remained quiet throughout, even though the petition was directed at them.

“I’m thrilled to let you all know the name of Allah has been removed from the ‘Dark Horse’ video we couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support so I thank each and every one of you deeply, our voices have been heard! God bless you all,” Iqbal wrote.

A close look at the “Dark Horse” video on Perry’s VEVO YouTube channel will not prove much of anything. Although the post date of the music video has not changed (February 20), a detailed observation will show any viewer that something has changed. The symbol has quietly been removed.

The “I Kissed a Girl” singer’s latest single, “Dark Horse,” sparked harsh reactions from the international Muslim community for disrespecting a symbol representing their God, Allah.

The petition launched Tuesday on Change.org is urged supporters of Islam as well as other religions, to ask YouTube to remove the “blasphemous” music video.


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They must not want a US Embassy attacked because of a video.


Wasn't that a coincidence Benghazi violence happened on 9/11 ???

Ya, but that was just a coincidence that they got pissed about that vile video. lol

I gather that the muslims are/were upset because the video is an accurate depiction of Muḥammad.

I'd be embarrassed IF that was my god!!! :)

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