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Ya Know What...This Really Sucks!!!

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Something smells fishy here.. how does someones who family who has been in the rare coin industry for 81 years discover millions of dollars of rare coins in the backyard???

Everything misplaced is found in the last placed looked. When looking everywhere else why expect to find anything where you have always been?


Either way reality is about staging events to look spontainious results while planned from the getgo. Everything comes to whom who waits for all sides to collapse against themselves arguing over who's is the better half of the whole world consisting of 6 degrees of separation holding 8 hemispheres of triangular contracting forces making this 4 dimensional real planet in this specific location all the time.

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Me and my treasure hunting friend were just talking about it this morning. It is quite fishy.


A followup story says the coins were stolen from the San Fransisco mint around 1900. If that is true the coins belong to the US Treasury.




We haven't figured out where Saddle Ridge is yet.

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