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Republican Slogans For 2014 Midterm Election?

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I have a big, fat bridge, to sell you, if you think voting Democratic is some kind of answer, to our problems.

Don't just vote for lousy, sneaky poofters and out-there gays! Vote for LOG CABIN REPUBLICANS. Just saying . . .


(Boldly say the above line, to Derpocrats, who still can't figure out Vampire Hunter is a damn joke.)

If want government to be a business, vote for darned near anybody, who is running, walking, or hobbling, for any of 450,000 elected offices, in the USA.

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Republican Slogans For 2014 Midterm Election:

We need to be more inclusive and make fools out of blacks, gays,

women and latinos like we fool those moron gun toting rednecks

to vote against themselves and their own families to accept squat

wages and to pay three times in income taxes what the rich pay.


obama bad, bad, bad. Okay, now on to talking in tongues.

Believe all the crap that religious leaders tell you.

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GOP: our one and only issue is to take away your health insurance. Vote republican


More bulls*** from a troll.

Obama is the one who caused many millions of Americans to lose their health insurance.


And tens of millions more when the Employer Mandate finally kicks in.

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