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Which "WE" group do you consider yourself part?

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Royal we

Loyal we

Subjective we.

Objective we

Genetic we.


Only one is equally created for real, the others are just divisionary aspects of what if that has come to be humanity's interpretation of being human without caring what being human really is.


Pick a side but which is center mass of the population of the homo sapien species?


None of the societal evolution theaters of the mind.

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The WE I am part of... I consider I am part of the human experience on earth, third planet from the sun, revolving around a star in some galaxy far far away from any other intelligent life forms... I am a human being just like every other human on this planet.

Really thoughtful question by the sole result.. interesting to see the answers.

We, and everything in the universe is interconnected

Describe how and why, not compare what, where, when, and who was first or last upon linear lines of separating was, does, and adds next currently. No yesterdays or tomorrows, just now never the same exponential results twice as individual total sums of ancestry so far.


When never learning from history of repeated mistakes, the future is defined by repeating the same mistakes over and over expecting different results. Hell on Earth as this universal moment is Eternity in plain sight.

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