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Nuge P.O.'s CNN, takes Credit, Piers Morgan’s ‘Ass Thrown Out’


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Ted Nugent Annoys CNN Host by Taking Credit for Getting Piers Morgan’s ‘Ass Thrown Out’, Blasting Her Colleagues

Feb. 24, 2014
Conservative rocker and NRA board member Ted Nugent took some credit for getting Piers Morgan’s CNN show cancelled during an interview with one of the network’s other anchors, Erin Burnett. His comments came after Burnett asked him if his apology for calling President Barack Obama a “sub-human mongrel” was sincere.


Nugent insisted his apology was serious and also defended himself against claims that his comments were racist in nature.

“We call bad people who are destroying our neighborhoods mongrels,” Nugent said, later adding, “I don’t have a racist bone in my body!”

“For anyone to claim that I’m a racist or it had racist overtones is the typical crap that the propaganda ministry and the media — particularly most of your co-workers there, even though I got Piers Morgan’s a** thrown out, and I’ll do the same with Don Lemon and Wolf Blitzer when I can,” he said.

“Do me a favor, don’t talk about my colleagues that way,” Burnett shot back. “I respect them both greatly.”

“They don’t deserve respect, but you go ahead,” Nugent replied.

While he admitted that name-calling is not a constructive activity when trying to improve the condition of the United States, he also said Obama is a “bad man” who has divided the nation with class warfare and other destructive policies.


I HEARD the Great Nuge, blasting those Brainwashed Geeks, like Erin Burnett......She may be another Loonie leftie, but I'd give her a ride, Haahahah..........

Nuge DESTROYS them all...

His parting words.....

"Im a Black guitar player from Detroit- Live with it, bee-yotch!!"

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