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Justification for Genocide ? lol

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This is the native American's entire source of income..


Bum Lawsuits, after we got sick and tired of pumping coal into a furnace for a living, when a much better, much faster, much more constant, and much less polluting source of electricity was created, called a "dam" lol


(which btw, is something I don't give, about those yellow sundance, feather headed tards)




Cheap Casinos that serve underage gamblers who are citizens of the USA, which make their operations ILLEGAL.


Selling booze to Underage citizens of the USA, which makes THAT operation, ILLEGAL.


Giving Payday loans to Citizens of the USA, who reside in states that ban such loans, which makes THAT operation ILLEGAL.


Selling Discounted, tax free cigarettes and tobacco products to citizens of the USA, who then transport the cigarettes into American states, which makes THAT operation ILLEGAL.




And the reason they are down, is because the better man won.


So I don't give a f)uck about the Injun tards.

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