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The Right Blames Rachel Maddow For Chris Christies Low Approval Rating


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According to the latest Monmouth University Poll, Chris Christie’s approval rating has hit a new low, and some on the right are blaming Rachel Maddow for his decline.


The poll found that the trouble is only growing for Gov. Christie. His overall approval rating has dropped nine points since January and stands at 50%-44%. Christie has lost 12 points of support among Republicans (89%-77%), eight points with Independents (62%-54%), and seven points with Democrats (38%-31%). Overall, Christie’s approval rating has dropped 20 points in the last year (70% to 50%).

Some on the right have decided to blame MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow for Christie’s decline.

On HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, this past Friday, Charles C.W. Cooke of the National Review accused Maddow of taking Christie down in order to carry out her political agenda.





Cooke said, “A lot of more conservative Republicans thought, ah, this is our chance to get rid of him, and so did MSNBC. I mean why don’t we just come clean, What you have been trying to do for the last two months is trying to get rid of Chris Christie from the race.”


Not surprisingly, Republicans have been howling about liberal bias and how the media is trying to force Christie out of the race. After Christie’s epic press conference didn’t make the scandal go away, Karl Rove said on Fox News Sunday, “The amount of attention paid to Chris Christie makes the coverage of Benghazi, at the same time, the coverage of the IRS, pale in significance.” (PunditFact rated Rove’s statement as false.)


In the Republican mind, Rachel Maddow is to blame for Chris Christie’s sagging poll numbers. They want so badly to make Christie’s downfall someone else’s fault. They can’t handle the fact that their best hope for 2016 self destructed all on his own.


It is evidence that is emerging, not Maddow’s coverage that is driving down Christie’s poll numbers.


The media weren’t out to get Christie. They wanted him to win the nomination. What Republicans will never admit is that the media always roots for close elections with interesting candidates. The last thing the media wants for 2016 is Hillary Clinton buzz sawing through one of the GOP also-rans. That would make for a boring election, which would mean low ratings, and less money made by all involved.


Rachel Maddow isn’t Fox News. She wants to cover an interesting story. It doesn’t matter if it is a zany Democrat or Republican, if it captures her imagination, it will be on her show. She will be on television every night covering interesting stories no matter what party the president is from.


The only person that should be blamed for the decline of the former GOP frontrunner is Chris Christie.


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Not enough people watch Rachel Maddow to make much of a difference on Christie's approval ratings.


By LUCY MCCALMONT | 2/22/14 11:58 AM EST

Liberal comic Bill Maher continued to question MSNBC’s coverage of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s bridge scandal, telling the network’s Rachel Maddow, “It’s not Watergate.”

On his blog last week, Maher jokingly wrote that he was “going to start seeing other news organizations” following all of the coverage of the lane closures scandal plaguing the Republican governor.

Look at yourself. You’re turning into Fox News,” Maher wrote. “Bridgegate has become your Benghazi, and this isn’t easy to say, but you and I are no longer on the same news cycle. Sure, you read me the results of a recent Gallup poll, but you never really ask me how I’m feeling. It’s not you, it’s… Chris Christie.”

“I just wonder if it is too much. That’s all I was asking,” Maher said Friday referring to the post on his HBO program “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

Maddow, host of “The Rachel Maddow Show,” defended the network’s coverage.

“I am totally obsessed with the Christie story. Unapologetically. And will continue to be obsessed with it while amazing things in that story continue to happen,” Maddow said.

“It may be more coverage than you want,” Maddow said, but added that the bridge scandal is “just as good” as covering former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s corruption scandal.

While Maher said he’s “still actually in love with MSNBC” and the story is worth covering, he also noted that for a lot of the programs on the network, the bridge scandal is the top story every night, two months after it first broke.

The late-night host also walked back his comparison of Benghazi.

“I should have said that, yes, this is not the same as Benghazi,” Maher said. “Benghazi is nothing. There is no scandal there. This is an actual scandal, it’s just that it’s not Watergate. He’s not the president. He’s not even a guy who ever himself said he was going to be running for president.”

Maher asked whether the lane closures were “really that bad” and whether the coverage would be the same if it involved Democratic governor not close to New York.


Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/02/bill-maher-to-rachel-maddow-bridge-103805.html#ixzz2uIAaOVJa



Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/02/bill-maher-to-rachel-maddow-bridge-103805.html#ixzz2uIANeBW8

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let 'em scream. let 'em blame Maddow. all that matters are his numbers.

the fat boy is toast

Exactly. I, for one, LOVE watching them scream in tearful indignation that someone dared to tell the truth about another one of the corrupt, unethical dickheads they worship.

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