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I believe in ZEUS

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most myths are based on truth. zeus is probably no different. godheads exist because we need them. hierarchy.

without religion? we are no different than the insects.

Zeus seems much more believable than that silly jesus stuff and the beardy bogeyman who lived in a cave.

most myths are based on truth.

I think you might struggle with that one baby.

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I think your dictators call him Osama bugs bunny bin laden?

oh. that character is based on the globalist atheist government attempting to demonize a religion in a sort of psychological coup

to present religion as the "demon" of contemporary society. then fools like you end up believing it and becoming slaves to a secular,

orweillian order.

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Aristotle taught me not to

really? What did he teach you not to do? Admit intellect isn't deeper than instinctive knowledge separating was and does emotionally, not vernacularly as does a brain educated to mind images and syllables of artistic impression real is but a dream state of vocabulary domesticating a savage beast as kingdoms come and go with popular opinions made reality vanish into thin air.

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