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The Real Free Government Ride

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A vagrant in New Port beach, CA. needs a decent meal and a place to get out of the cold.


So one brick through a window lands him up in jail. And jails do not have room, so he spends the night and is handed a court date to appear.


So he doesn't show up, and that means he has a warrant issued for him.


So he catches a ride back to New York to see his family for the holidays, spends a few weeks, gets bored and decides to go back to CA. So he throws a brick through a window, waits to be arrested.


A few days in jail and he is issued a court date, BUT he has a CA warrant. So NY ships him back to CA. where he spends a month in jail and is released again.



Next year? Repeat!!!


I bet these free riders know exactly how long they will have to be fed in a warm jail cell, before he is sent back to NY for the holidays!!!

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