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Ever been threatened

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Somebody said he's from Compton, and that he'll "bust a cap in my white honky head" lol



My only response was that I'll be glad to confront his "Saturday night special" and his "Mish mash of cheap Russian garbage ammo of differing calibers",

with the best assault rifle in western history, the FN Herstal Scar Mark 16, 5.56


And give him and his gang a taste of what the Somalis went through in 92' on the ground, right here in America, and send them back to Compton in a body bag.



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hey dontknownuthin I see you lurking

can we see you and "5" have a conversation ?

invite karl too ok ?

lol I'll bring tommy

lets see you all logged in at the same time

or do you only have the one computer at your library ?



you should make this your avatar, since you are so rich...



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Yes, by an angry mob of union members after I resigned the prior year and during a national strike I crossed the picket line with 90 peole standing there and about 10 were telling how some night I can expect a baseball bat landing on the back of my head.


That didn't happen, but breakline cut, motorcycle sabatoged, air let out of my tires about once every couple of weeks for the next 15 years until one person retired and it ended.Gee wonder who it was.


Anyway, I have pissed others off all my life, but I am still here in this atmosphere. If one doesn't learn from history they are bound to repeat the same mistakes over and over. Reality saves the passed hoping tomorrow is better, but no body gets out of now alive or dead once added to ancestry aborted or born to behave as society's child..

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Peace be with you Sole Result


and I enjoy your oragmi

I have piece of mind by understand how to make peace with natural balancing, humanity has gone insane and I ma just crazy enough to point out how and why, evenn when no social identity will agree with me.


I don't matter so it is up to me to take care of myself in then event I get older than I ever imaged living. Done that since I was 16 years old. That is what I was trying to help you with in your thread about your mom. Imagine having a nation out to destroy everything she had, that happened to my mom, and she gave up on living and that is where I turned my back upon societal evolution serving a greater good.


Know whom is playing you for a fool, because it isn't me.

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No I know you care

I do, I also know caring doesn't change anything. That is why I became passionately apathetic so I could control my involuntary reaction to those playing my emotions to defend and protect what I was educated to find meaning in while those that didn't believe were less human. I found that to be in error and character roles shouldn't have more rights than a gender has the liberty to think for themselves individually.


Collective bargain is mob rule democracy and that just ends up being thugocracy. The constitution of America was written to protect genders, not society's children. That is where this country went into a tail spin over a century ago and it finally has come to critical mass implosion.


It is going to take being civil to come out of this man made calamity alive.

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