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Let me clue you in

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White collar - in general

I just told somebody this.
You follow the rules, you make it.

You want the world to revolve around you, and I can save a bunch of money, by switching to Mexican immigrant, that I know will follow the rules, and has the heart and the drive and the desire to make it.

Because it makes of little difference to me.

White collar people run the world, because we pass the laws, we make the rules, we own the companies, we make the jobs, we hire the workers, we sell the homes, we finance your wants and needs.

So, Its my rules, or your lose.


Its not your money.

You took $200,000 of MY money, to buy your home, so you owe me, your money, and you will either pay it, or I will sell your house for it back.

Loans and Credit are NOT an Income, when you live by the credit card, you die by debt.




Its not YOUR policy.

Its A policy that covers YOU against what OTHERS do, a service that I WILL NOT BUY FOR YOU, YOU need to buy it.

I do not have to cover something that is YOUR fault.

You don't get to bust up your own house, and have ME pay for it.

Real Estate -

I am a home seller, I am NOT an America Seller.

YOUR house is ON AMERICA, America is NOT inside YOUR house.

You don't OWN America, if push comes to shove, AMERICA owns YOUR HOUSE.

I am Entitled to be paid for the services that you otherwise have no legal, nor financial access to, through my help.

Accounting and Tax.

Its NOT YOUR money, its OUR MONEY, its AMERICA'S MONEY, and you are OBLIGATED to pay your taxes.

IF you don't want to pay, we have a nice big dick that would love to be nice and warm up your ASS for ya in prison.

And I am entitled to paid, for my services that I SELL YOU, for counting your money, and making accounts for you, and paying your bills, and managing your PROFITS etc etc.

That's how it works.

And its nobody elses problem but your own, if you can't hack it.

Let me clue you in on a little sociology and economics lesson.

You wanted your taxes, you bullied Switzerland to Adopt foreign tax codes, which by the way, Is rotten on Europe to allow you to do.

Well you got your taxes.
The government is entitled to its taxes,

You're not entitled to a job that allows you buy a television.

You're fired.

And that is why the economy is the way it is.

Not even walmart or the dollar store would be within your shopping means, if you have no job and no money.

So switching brands, or stores for lower prices will be increasingly futile, and infact serve to make you more dependent on china, rather than an economy here that allows you to have even what china makes.




The market doesnt work that you can have no job, and have forever, on increasingly diminished funds because you found slightly lower prices from some other brand or store.


because not enough for an item in general, allows you to buy NO brand, from ANYBODY.


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Stay in tune with symbolism over substance you empty vessel of recited programmed thoughts. You mind because your body doesn't matter and you dare not think inside the box of self containment and physical limitations being self evident.


You got no imagination other than what you read of someone else's ideas.

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Enjoy living in a dumpster, Enjoy having me own everything, while you own nothing.


I own my sole, which I never gave away to become part of humanity's soul collective of educated fooled again and again and again ancestry's ancestors such as yourself choosing to believe character counts socially and genders are worth less to society.


that makes you loath the skin you are in wishing to be anywhere else but within the eternity that is physically now all the time. Welcome to Eternal hell of your own design..

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