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During the 2012 election, I called Mitt Romney "Mittler"

Is what I said on yahoo.



Then I get some absolute f)uckin tard replying to me..



"does that mean you see the error of your ways"


I replied back...

Guess what ?


No, I don't see the error in making a living.


Im not your f)uckin' piggy bank, f)uck off.


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So what? What does any of that have to do with any of us?

He is recuiting malcontents to take his side. buying the realestate behind the eyes and between the ears of anyone gullible to buy his bull spit giving him the authority to direct their lives while they pay him to direct their livelihood.

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honestly TW.. I would not have advertised your financial well being on this forum

He advertises his potential, not what he accomplished. Read what he posts, it is all hypotheticals beyond what actually took place..

He intoxicates himself with what if and ignores what is real or really happened. Most call it positive thinking.


the characteristics of his vernacular are that of Lindsay"s boytoy that got into real estate last year.

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