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republicans are pigs

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republicans are pigs.

just look at them:


christie the fat pig, bully, criminal,


rush the fat pig, druggie criminal,


dick head cheney, liar and fraud pig for halliburton starting a

war to steal trillions,


large landowner farmer pigs stealing trillions in welfare subsidies

and hiring illegals,


fat azz kock brothers pigs violating anti trust laws and promoting

wars to steal billions from working people trying to get to work

in their cars.


fat azz, corporate tea bagger pigs wanting to shut down govt

in order to dump toxins in drinking water and polluting lakes and bays.


rich pigs like romney and aholes like repukes in congress letting the

rich pigs evade paying taxes and giving them tax rates on their capital

gains profits and dividends incomes about one third of what working

men and women pay.


repukes are pigs.

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