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The Muslim Brotherhood...THAN & NOW !

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Calaphate in full swing and full steam ahead. When one discoves what motivates directors of global reality, the details of what, when, where, and who are self evident because of time self contianed to this moment eternally.


No such thing as a conspiracy theory just as there is no such thing as physical self containment universally position as now for eternity. Conspiring to convert ancestors into society's children of ideology is done one of two ways.


by hook or crook, i.e. sedition or seduction into honoring hypothetical values..

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Social brotherhoods defend a common denial as their chosen common sense of reality, what is the common ground of all societies that compose humanity of the combined social justifications character counts and genders are worth less when not complyin g to the borotherhood capturing their hearts and minds defining the soul humanity becomes next..


The calaphate is in full swing running full speed ahead heading for the edge of reality and the eternal wall of the real moment denied by all factions of humanity equally.


when every body of thought denies the same thing for their own excuses, how many ways can real get denied in plain sight and nobody know how society keeps ancestors in the darkness of doubt every generation of another ancestor added into the eternity of now here?


Spiritualism distorts, politics disrupts, academics distract, and economics destroys the will to be just another lifetime passing through the atmosphere one lifetime at a time equally created into it from contracting results of ancestry here and ancestors conceived next expanding the time the species walks this planet's surface.

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Rebel58...thank you for not shunning me BUT I only have a 9th grade education.


Where is your ultraliberal compassion for the downtrodden ?


BTW: what is a word for a person who waste their time time on some one beneath them, telling them they are beneath them ?


Thats pretty dumb...isn't it ???



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