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Does it take a poet to administer "Poetic Justice"?

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One thing I have noticed on most message boards is moderators and participants are in the entertainment industry and art students of liber arts constructing the stages of societal evolution by direction attention to self constructed issues around character's rights, not gender's liberty to exercise natural choices.


Since reality is a play on meaning of vocabulary getting in-divid-u-al from one another to join some common notion that genetics is a gift, not a natural result balancing within current spacing of details never duplicated functioning the same way all the time using the same content forever.


A poet masters the language using syllables like musical notes to tap into emotions and trigger involuntary reaction getting an citizen of reality to perform deeds upon command without the person knowing exactly why it works the way it has become organized to happen specifically at random.


"It is not if it will happen but when it happens..." is a common used phrase when edcuating the general public of impending disasters that happen within natural balancing of never duplicated contracting results energizing ever expanding details using the same content all the time, so why doesn't academia teach time is a metaphor that measures current events always taking place within the same instant universally combined to now being the permanent point of separation.


Instead academia, artists, and entertainment industry team up to make edcuated idiots out of every ancestry's ancestors selling hypothetical paths to nowhere else but remain in the moment here?


Whiom teaches individuals to understand self containment completely from the inside out rather than reflect upon what could be reality as long as nobody knows every detail ever added to governing emotions employing hypothetical values to the substances needed for survival of the species living one lifetime at a time now as usual.


So what does "natural balance" have in common with "poetic justice", "irony", 'self containment", 'self evident" , "fate", "destiny", "Divine Intervention". "Manifested Destiny", "Karma", and most of all "self fulfilling destiny"?


All acted out specifically following the rule of law directing societal evolution ruling hearts and minds of ancestors locked within one atmosphere without technology assissting an escape other than death or extinction of a group think social justification?


How does a lifetime evade taking part of self fulfilling prophecy? Destroy all other realities while defending their own set of rules denying now is eternity, or understand what real is without ity bits of information withheld from public conversations about how to manage societal evolution with the fewest stars leading the paths of existential enlightenment passing through a self conatined exponential universal moment.


Reason and purpose is how and why specific details of what, where, when, and who became added within the moment separated by conceptions conceving their own biological replacements with random selection of events going on currently. Planned spontainious reaction is orchestrating specific behavior from specific natures of reactions to specific stimulation.


Doesn't matter who does it as long as someone does do it. Then comes the collective leaders spouting, "See, I told you so."


Realityn is 3D. Spiritual distortion of time, political disruption of natural balance, and economic destruction of instinctive curiousity by rule of law making acts of questioning authority civil crimes of insubordination and criminal codes of conduct to church and state of blasphemy and treason for not following the directives within social justification real doesn't matter and character performance means everything to saving humanity, not rescuing homo sapiens from self fulfilling prophecy because denying now is eternity everybody seeks tom find eternal luife outside of now here.


Evil genius of a capitol idea that becomes capital investments of selling off ancestors to join soecital evolution.


Now who would do such a thing? Childless adults maybe. Or those that liost their children saving humanity's laws and those directing "what if scenarios to the point nobody knows what real is, so it must be a dream in reality" Inversion to conversion. Reverse psychology in the sciences of psychiatry making philosophy laws that rule civic behavior protecting symbolic values of god, country, community. Not ancestry defending natural balnce but society protecting denial at any cost of survival of the species so one cultured chaos can rule forever, or as long as now remains here reproducing details never duplicated and nobody understands how and why reality rules the real moment, or who started it, let alone who can stop it, naturally.


Nostradamus got it correct, ONE MALE 500 years ago. I am one male that does separate real and reality, because words have no value other than a means to communicate ideas, not sell ideals of how to make fools of everyone else's ancestors to the brink of the species invoking self extinction to save the prides of civic divide and conquer ideoloigies.


So I discuss the self evident to being self contained, and nobody agrees. I am not surprised by that living among deniers blaming each others incomplete hypothetical scenarios telling everyone else what they did wrong while pklaying the ignorance card of "Nobody knows everything in detals invented to explain reality."


Revolutions burn and destroys all previous attempts, to rebuild societal evolution to repeat the same process of saving denial using philosophy, psychology, and psychiatry making character roles count and genders worth less than symbolic values economically.


So easy to see through self deception being part of the real moment instead of lost in translation of "what does it all mean?"


Doesn't mean anything when this species self extincts itself one society at a time while live adds living one lifetime at a time. Contracting forces expand details never duplicated twice. There is where poetic justice is handled without a word...


this process owns me, I cannot control it, just balance myself in the middle and hope for the best. prepare for the worst, and adapt to the educated stupidity around me.

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A spiritual interpretation would make genetic continuation God and societal evolution Humanity are Satan and the devil's advocates leading social justification character role playing is everything one needs to know about life.


A scientific explanation would be inorganic compounds combine into organic expansion of life as biological organisms using the same substance of the inorganic combinations sustaining the space where specific lifetimes exist currently all the time.


I honor church theology and state political sciences while comprehending economic practices in substituting symbolism for substance to make trade less complicated, but I won't buy half baked ideologies any more, I learned to cook for myself.

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