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USA and the Badlands ? lol

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"The thread was in violation of "Zone 2": Political Forum: Baiting and polarizing OP's (Opening Posts), and thread titles risk the thread either being moved or trashed. Keep it relevant, choose wisely. Each post must contain content relevant to the thread subject, in addition to any flame. No trolling. No hit and run flames. No hijacking or derailing threads."

This is a warning I got on another website from a dumb mod that dont know jack squat,
because of a post about how I don't help those that don't respect me, that post was sent to the "badlands".

well, I don't see how being to the right of Josef Stalin is polarizing.
America as a whole is to the right of even western Europe, because it was founded on individual initiative.
Whereas modern Europe was re-invented after its brush with Nazism, an atrocity that the USA never once had, amongst many injustices of the past that were nowhere near as bad as that.

Our own math system, the only one I know, is fairly to the right, being that it is independent.

as for religion, America (the USA) is on an entirely roman catholic continent, so whatever social battles there are, its anglo protestant vs catholics, not a real valuable push to be atheist.

Its not possible for the USA to be an atheist society, its either Anglo, or Latin and to tell you the truth, I lean more towards the latin, my mom was roman catholic, though I defend both.

and guess what ?

I don't have to help anybody, whatsoever, even if that person was dying of cancer..
(a person who I would help by the way)

Letalone somebody who treats me like crap, and accuses me of not helping, because I have some achievement in my life, that I got late compared to most.


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