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to believe or not to


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seems people get upset over if you believe in god or not.


if you believe ? fine try obeying your dogma . if you don't ? fine shut the hell up .


if your obsess with this question then you must look at yourself , what question do you have ,


I know religion is political not spiritual but come on you demand we all think like you ?

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I really think Atheism is another religion.. but it does raise the chicken or the egg first question

I know there are philosophers who can argue this question much better than anyone here.. including me

Atheism is just name calling those following science of metaphysical possibilities teaching everyone else what not to understand completely without facing criminal charges from one istitution or another triangulating two sides against the center point of balancing naturally here.


You want an argument the cuts every social practice into being just another form of denial..

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Sole result can argue this and no one will know what he says

There is a difference between not knowing and denying what one understands using excuses of social design forcing everyone else to show themselves denying the same thing.


Symbolism over substance using mind the language rather than instincts and every body of though is equally guilty of misrepresenting real to save a specifriied reality.


Perfected no win scenario so long as every ancestor picks a side denying what real is constantly.

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Did you try x??

x as multiplicating figurative truths or marks the spot of literal translations or Roman numeral of 10 starting with I.


I's are the window to collective souls as eyes are the windows to each genetic addition to this atmosphere.


I don't abuse drugs or doing stupid things like ignoring self containment to make everyone else feel larger than life.

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