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It's time for RLF's anual Black History Month thread.

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Another fine moment in nigger History. Hat tip Chimpout.com and katu.com:

PORTLAND, Ore. – The man who shot himself in the testicles during a robbery and shooting Tuesday night was booked into jail on assault and robbery charges Thursday, police said.



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More great momments in Nigger History. Hat tip chimpout.com and ioL News:


Limpopo - When Rosina Komape peeped into the dilapidated pit toilet at her son’s school, the first thing she saw was her son Michael’s hand.

She fainted.



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Instead of calling it mob violence, why doesn't the media call Nigger gang violence, cause that is what it is. They gang up, and then attack Non-Blacks.



AH Ha Ha Ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Thanks for that slowmotion, I needed a laugh.

Always leave it to the bottom dwelling wingnuts to continue harping on issues that were giant zeroes for ya in the past.

Oh it wasn't a giant 0, see those of us that know the truth about this President, we latched on to this, cause it only confirmed what we knew to be true about the [African-American slur] in the oval office. The reason why all Americans weren't up in arms about this, is cause they have been brain washed in the liberal indoctrination camps known as public schools and have become sheeple.

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Can you prove that his church is racist?

Look up the racist anti white books that were in that church pre 2008.

so that's why you've been a racist for 40 years?

You've been a racist for 55yrs.

You think you're smart and witty, but you're not. You are among the stupidest people to frequent this board. You are more Bigoted than my friend Slomo is.

Thanks bro.
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