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who will be mitts running mate in 16?

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for our country's future let's hope he does. we need someone that can run this country like a business, it's goes into debt the door closes, it breaks even of makes a profit it lives to see another business day

a country is not a business and capitalism isn't democracy

mitt's done and christie is done. gotta look under some other rocks

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Saying things like "You Betcha" and such.


Look she didn't finish her job as Governor of Alaska... that doesn't lead me to believe she would be committed to her job as President


She does express conservative views and I can understand how conservatives think Sarah Palin would be a good President


But c'mon... do you think she can really win???


No, I don't think she would win nor do I particularly care for her. To be honest, her voice grates on my nerves so I generally shut her off very soon after she gets started...which dovetails with what you said about her annoying phrases.

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Clearly. A business has to concern itself with things like cash flow. A country can just borrow and print money.





What could possibly go wrong?

I've got a thread "question for libertarians" and you can explain it all there

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I gave you the only legitimate one. You really are this stupid, ain't ya. (Not a question. An observation.)

I'm not George Will smart but I do OK. That being said, you've still not provided a single example where you think Palin would put us worse off.


I thought we'd have a laundry list by now. This really should be easy.


I'll go first....her speeches wouldn't be anywhere near as good as his.


That's one.

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